Fuel surchage

Dear partners, due to rising oil prices on world markets, the fuel surcharge in air transport is gradually being introduced and increased.
Some companies apply a fuel surcharge for a longer period of time (LX, LH, CI, VS and others), some companies introduce a fee (EK, CV and others) and some companies so far
they do not apply the fee (QR, BA, TK, QY and others)
In connection with this situation, we are also forced to add the current fuel surcharge to the price of air transport, but it is only a re-charging of this
fee, we do not increase the price, we only increase it by this fee.
The situation is constantly changing and we hope that these fees will be reduced or not charged at all.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
AZ Cargo team
AZ CARGO s.r.o.