Air freight

Airfreight is very fast and reliable type of transport. Thanks to speed of airfreight most of our clients can supply their company at last minute. The larger number of airports than sea ports, ensures better availability in inland.

Airfreight services

  • Export / Import
  • Door -to- Door (pickup at the shipper, ensure of all customs formalities, delivery to consignee)
  • Packing of shipments
  • Customs clearance
  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Insurance of goods beyond the normal liability of the carrier
  • The network of partners around the world
  • Transport of goods to and from the exhibition
  • Air transport in the migration (Personal Effects)

What is good to know for send shipment by air?

In air transport there are two weights:

  1. Gross weight – the weight of packaged goods
  2. Chargeable weight the weight, calculated from the dimensions of shipment. Calculation of chargeable weight: length x width x height / 6000 = volume weight

When calculating prices are taking into consideration the higher weight.

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