Special prices


Dear customers, in the coming Christmas period, unfortunately, we cannot offer special prices to selected destinations.

Connections are declining due to the spread of the pandemic and prices are rising due to growing demand for transport.

We are still ready to find the most suitable solution for sending shipments. We look forward to your inquiries AZ Cargo team



Dear customers, the situation in transport has stabilized after a long time, so we can again offer transport to selected destinations at attractive prices. The prices below are valid after prior verification and depend on the required shipping time.

Validity till  30.9.2020 

Prices are in CZK / kg / volume weight 1: 6, (167 kg / m3) / ALL IN

Destination Airport                         +100kgs       +500            +1000kgs

BKK                                                   38                    36                     35



For further information and booking please contact AZ Cargo office

tel. (420) 220 114 521  or email to info@azcargo.cz


or use below online form